Photo Gallery


The life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was full and varied. He came from a large and prosperous family with considerable social prestige. He loved his parents and siblings, as he would his many friends throughout his short life. He was adored by nearly every one of his relatives and very much liked by the congregants, church youth, students, and seminarians he would serve, teach, and lead over a 16-year ministry.

While he was formal when it came to dress and manners, he was also passionate about his faith, playing American Negro spirituals on his phonograph, riffing on the piano, and hiking in the mountains. At the same time, he was a bon viveur who liked throwing parties, lifting a glass of fine wine, and smoking on a good cigarette. Even as a young, part-time university lecturer he was recognized for his towering intellect, and, would, over time, and especially posthumously, become one the most respected theologians, ethicists, and moral philosophers of all time.

In this photo gallery, Dietrich is portrayed from toddlerhood in upper-class Berlin, to his last days before being hanged in the stark execution yard at Flossenb├╝rg concentration camp.