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You Welcomed Me

The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute Presents You Welcomed Me, a seven-part conversation about a Christian response to issues facing immigrants and refugees.

In a time when even Christians are divided on seemingly every cultural and societal issue, is there a foundational ethic that we can all stand upon – in particular, people of faith? We believe that we can all agree that how we treat others, especially, how we treat foreigners and strangers in our midst, is an important Scriptural principle.

You Welcomed Me is a series of in-depth recorded conversations with top Christian leaders on topics pertaining to immigrants and refugees, as seen through Holy Scripture, the example of Christ, and the very real stories of those who work with the men, women, children, and families at the border and in detention centers.

You Welcomed Me features renowned Christian leaders and subject matter experts including: Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto, Rev. Dr. Doug Birdsall, Pastor Peter Chin, Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook, Rev. Dr. Susan Henry Crowe, Rev. Nancy Frausto, Mr. Scott Gilliam, JD, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Gray, Rev. Dr. David Ireland, Rev. Daryl Lobban, Ms. Anali Looper, JD, Rev. Carlos Malave, Sister Norma Pimentel, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, Rev. Dr. Joel Rainey, Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero, Rev. Dr. Ronald Sider, Rev. Dr. Gary Waldron, Rev. Jim Wallis, Ms. Michelle Warren, MPA, and TDBI President, Rev. Dr. Rob Schenck.

Watch and listen in as these leaders address the devastating reality of human suffering, the need for Christians to care about immigrants and why, the questions of legality, and the contribution of immigrants to our communities, church, and nation. Join them in discovering together what Christians can do today to effect lasting ethical change.

“This video series brings together an amazing array of Christians, from very conservative to equally progressive. We all agree on at least two things, Jesus is the model for how we are to treat others, and Christian discipleship is measured by how we treat others.
Churches of every persuasion will benefit from this rich treatment of this critically important aspect of Christian life, witness and service.”
TDBI President, Rev. Rob Schenck

You Welcomed Me Bible Study

An Indivudual Study Guide

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The Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute proudly offers, You Welcomed Me: What the Bible Says about the Stranger, the Foreigner, and the Other, which can help you or your small group dive into Scripture and look at these issues from a thoughtful, biblical perspective.