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EPISODE 2 - Scripture and Strangers

What the Bible Says About the Treatment of Immigrants and Refugees

In this Episode, Dr. Ron Sider, Founder and President Emeritus of Christians for Social Action, talks with a diverse and distinguished panel of Christian leaders about Scriptural mandates that clearly direct believers on how to treat foreigners and strangers amongst us. Examining both Old and New Testament passages, panelists discuss the Bible’s concern about and call to welcome, love, and care for foreigners, strangers, and our neighbors in a way that reflects the heart of God.

Hosted by Dr. Ronald J. Sider


Dr. Ron Sider is the founder of Christians for Social Action (formerly known as Evangelicals for Social Action), an organization seeking to develop Biblical solutions to social and economic problems through incubating programs that operate at the intersection of faith and social justice. He is a founding board member of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment as well as the Distinguished Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy at Palmer Theological Seminary in St. Davids, PA. Dr. Sider has published over 30 books and has written over 100 articles in both religious and secular magazines on a variety of topics pertaining to Christian life and social responsibility.



Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto

Rev. Dr. Eric D. Barreto is Associate Professor of New Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary. As a Baptist minister, Dr. Barreto has pursued scholarship for the sake of the church, and regularly writes for and teaches in faith communities around the country. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion.


Rev. Dr. Douglas Birdsall

Rev. Dr. Doug Birdsall served as Executive Chairman of the Lausanne Movement from 2004 to 2013 and is now Honorary Chairman. A graduate of Wheaton College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Harvard University, and the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK, Dr. Birdsall is President of The Civilitas Group.


Dr. Karen Swallow Prior

Dr. Karen Swallow Prior is Research Professor of English and Christianity and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The author of numerous books and frequent speaker across the country, Dr. Swallow is a founding member of The Pelican Project, a Senior Fellow at the Trinity Forum, and a Senior Fellow at the International Alliance for Christian Education.


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