Act Now to Remove the Moscow Patriarchate from the WCC

Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin
Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin

Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) leader, has conspired with Vladimir Putin to inflict unspeakable suffering on Ukraine and its people. By fashioning Russia's unjustifiable violence as a culture war, Patriarch Kirill has made Putin's military campaign a religious war.

Kirill must be held accountable for his brutal and anti-Christian violation of human rights.

One method of accountability is for the World Council of Churches to take action against the Moscow Patriarchate. Just as so many of the world's governments, business enterprises, and even sports teams are barring Russian participation, the church must block Kirill and his enablers from using Christianity as cover for mass murder.

Help send a strong message to the ROC – and Putin, who claims to be an Orthodox believer. By signing this petition, you are joining in the growing chorus of voices demanding justice, accountability, and an end to the war in Ukraine.

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To the General Secretary, Executive and Central Committees, and Assembly Officials:
The Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ and Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, has repeatedly failed to condemn the mass-murderous and wholly unwarranted war against Ukraine. Kirill persists in justifying Putin's aggression by stylizing the invasion as a religious crusade. The scale of human suffering resulting from the unholy compact between Kirill and Putin requires the World Council of Churches(WCC) to take immediate action and expel the Moscow Patriarchate from its membership.
We urge the WCC to remove the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church from its membership.

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If you or someone you know is a denominational official whose respective church body is a WCC member, please contact Rev. Rob Schenck at

Together, we will comprise a virtual delegation that will submit this petition to the World Council of Churches and demand action to censor Kirill and his collaborators.