Senior Fellow

Dr. Paul McAllister

Rev. Dr. Paul McAllister


Rev. Dr. Paul Alan McAllister is founder and president of Global Leaders in Unity, an expanding network of young and experienced career professionals and scholars from multiple disciplines. In 2013, he unofficially retired after working as an adjunct engineering professor and R&D engineer and senior project manager and consultant in the automotive and financial services sector. A former commissioned officer in the United Army Signal Corps, he worked in various leadership capacities within the United States Departments of Defense (NAVSEA), Commerce (NOAA), and Transportation (Federal Highway Administration and Federal Aviation Administration). 

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 In 2020, he joined the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute in Washington, D.C. as a Senior Fellow for International Race Relations. He is a member of the Theology Task Force of the Interfaith Relations Convening Table, and the Faith and Order Convening Table of the National Council of Churches in Washington, D.C. He serves on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Council of Churches, and Voices for Justice in Palestine, a lobbying organization for Jewish and Palestinian human rights, and the Harms Committee of the North Carolina Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities (NC CRED). He is author of several publications and is senior editor of The Justice Advocate, an educational church newsletter with a global audience. His academic research focuses on domestic and international violence, nationalism and racism, and the influence of the 5G-artificial intelligence revolution on the social safety net.