Senior Fellow

Scott Gilliam

Scott Gilliam

retired lawyer, Social Justice advocate

After a 30-year career in insurance law, corporate lobbying, and business-related political engagement, Scott Gilliam took early retirement in April 2019 to seek an encore career in service to others. Energized by his belief that no one should be denied access to justice and that the time is always right to do what is right, Mr. Gilliam formed Encore Legal LLC to practice human interest law and engage in social justice advocacy. Inspired by several life-changing experiences on the southern border, Mr. Gilliam feels a special devotion to immigrants and refugees. Using his voice, his pen and his law license, Mr. Gilliam has embarked on an “encore career” to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees through the practice of law and public policy engagement.

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In the legal arena, Mr. Gilliam, provides pro bono legal representation to immigrants & refugees seeking asylum from persecution or torture. In the public policy arena, Mr. Gilliam lobbies Congress and other decision-makers on issues important to immigrants and refugees.  

Mr. Gilliam is working on a “memoir of essays” to explain how his encounters with homeless people on the streets of major cities during his business travels inspired him to retire early to serve the “saints living on the margins.” The title of the book is “REWIRED BY OUTCASTS: My Journey from Corporate Lobbyist to Social Justice Advocate.”