Senior Fellow

Bishop Van Gayton

Bishop Van Gayton

Author, Professor, Theologian

Dr. Van Gayton holds a Bachelor and Master of Theology from International Seminary, a Master of Divinity from Logos Bible College, a Doctorate of Bible Philosophy from Christian Leadership University, a Doctorate of Theology from Faith Theological Seminary, and most recently a Doctor of Ministry from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Senior Fellow, Bishop Dr. Van Gayton, is known for being anything but shy and retiring. During his 45 years of ordained ministry, whether as a pastor, itinerate preacher, missionary diplomat, federal chaplain, high school administrator, or seminary dean, Dr. Gayton has been a bold and prophetic witness against injustice and an advocate for the marginalized.

Bishop Van Gayton

A member of the International Conference of Bishops, Dr. Gayton is a senior research fellow at the Karson Institute at Baltimore’s Loyola University, a member of the Alliance for Black Pentecostal Scholarship, and is active in the Society of Pentecostal Studies. He identifies professionally as a post-colonial theologian.

Dr. Gayton is the author of The Good News For Racism, a book that "reviews the history behind the current wall of separation between the Black and White Christian Church in America and examines God’s position on racial diversity by walking through the Biblical themes of Creation, the Fall, Redemption and the Consummation of all things."

As an academic, Dr. Gayton sits on the advisory board for the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and serves as Academic Dean for the Williams Bible Institute and Seminary, both in Jacksonville, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Ellen.

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